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Jealousy can block blessings!


Can Block Breakthroughs and Blessings!

Jealousy Defined:

1. Feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages (often followed by of): He was jealous of his rich brother.
2. Feeling resentment because of another's success, advantage, etc. (often followed by of): He was jealous of his brother's wealth.
3. Characterized by or proceeding from suspicious fears or envious resentment: a jealous rage; jealous intrigues.
4. Inclined to or troubled by suspicions or fears of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims: a jealous husband.
5. Solicitous or vigilant in maintaining or guarding something: The American people are jealous of their freedom.
6. Bible. Intolerant of unfaithfulness or rivalry: The Lord is a jealous god

This is something one of my cousins wrote and decided to include this in this portion of the book/blog.

Jealousy occurs when person hates you for one of three reasons:

1) They hate themselves.
2) They want to be you.
3) They see you as a Threat.

Another Definition: "Jealousy is resenting the fact that others have something, do something, or are something, that you wish you had, could do, or were.”

If jealousy is not repented of, dear friend, and if you’re suffering from that sin, and you don’t deal with it, or let God deal with it in your heart, then that  jealousy is going to turn to hate. Furthermore, that hate will end up consuming your entire life; it will control you.

Jealousy can and does close doors. It is really a smack in the face towards a holy God, who is sovereign and who gives gifts as he chooses and wills. In actuality, it really says, “God what you gave me is not enough. I don’t like this anointing; I don’t like how you use me. I wish you would use me another way.”

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with admiration, but even too much of that is off balance and can lead to hate and malice if a jealous spirit is operating and not put in check.

Since we are talking about “breakthrough” here, I want to make sure we are continuing to shed light on the hindrances that allow us to miss the breakthrough. If jealousy is a problem with which you know that you wrestle, you have to take it before the Lord while you are fasting and praying and trust God to deliver you and free you from it.

What we have to keep in mind is that there will always be someone who has better hair, is prettier, a better shape, is more anointed, has a bigger ministry, sang the house down; more gifted than us, has a sharper mind, better work ethic, more driven… The list goes on! The acceptance of others allows our gifts to not only spring forth but also to flourish! Remember Elijah and Elisha. If he were jealous, he would never have been able to catch the mantle that Elijah had.

You may never know what that individual or person had to go through to obtain those things, those blessings, or the level of sacrifice they had to pay to walk in that anointing. How many hours they spent in prayer or fasting, the level of obedience they had to yield to the Lord and what happened behind the scenes in order for them to walk in it.

Many times because of the sacrifice of one of their ancestors, It could also be a price that one of their mothers or father or grandparents had to pay, and now they are walking in the blessing that was released through the bloodline because of someone else’s obedience!

That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

Give your contributions privately. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you.

Matthew 6

EXAMPLE in the Natural:

If a person goes to the gym consistently, that person is going to have great definition in their body. Therefore, why should I get jealous over someone who has spent the time to do what I don’t want to do? Why should we become jealous over someone who has disciplined him or herself to get the results?

(James 3:14, 16 KJV) But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. {16} For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work

I am sure we all have heard the statement, “The Green Eyed Monster.” Ironically, so, the first time I ever heard the term mentioned, I didn’t know what in the world that meant. My response was something like this, “Come Again Please?” This meant I absolutely had NO idea concerning what they were speaking. Ironically, I was dealing with a person who had issues, and this spirit began operating in a way that made me very uncomfortable. When you have a spirit of jealousy attached to you, it will not only make you jealous towards one person but many. Insecurities could be the deep-rooted issue that will allow you to become prey to this spirit and kill others with your words, throw darts in the spirit. When enter that persons presence, you feel a sense of dislike towards them for no apparent reason.

When we hate ourselves, it is very difficult to love others. No, love for yourself will cause you to hate others! If we are Jealous of others success, marriage, ministry, spiritual gifts or children, we can hinder what God could be trying to deliver to us. Hence, this becomes a major hindrance to receiving breakthrough. We cannot have what we cannot embrace. What we cannot celebrate will be very difficult for us to obtain, OR maintain. If we are blessed, at each level there will always be someone who is experiencing more.

Another thing that may be noted is that while growing up in a household of multiple children, it may be obvious that the anointing may rest stronger on one child than it does on another. Although this may be true, it does not at all mean that God is not concerned or cares about the others but sometimes this can cause a root.

Remember the story of Joseph! His very own brothers were so jealous of him that they left him as dead. What later happened was shocking! They eventually had to humble themselves and bow down to him. With great blessings came great pain and suffering.

However, while that anointing may be present, that child may have to endure things that the others may not. Think of the story of Joseph who was favored by God, but his brothers were jealous of him. Now in the end, he did rule, and he really had the opportunity to show up and mistreat and repay because of what they did to him as a child. Though the favor was on his life, he had to be repeatedly processed, prepared and positioned to rule and reign. That favor, of which his siblings were jealous, would be the same favor that would cause him to be tested and tried endlessly and proven time after time whether he was going to pass the test to one day assumes the throne.

That was spiritual jealousy!

Spiritual Jealousy: Desirous of another person’s spiritual gifts

I have seen firsthand how this spirit operates, and I am still learning about this vicious spirit. I use the word “vicious” because of the murder in the spirit realm that this spirit can do to a person. This spirit will cause your close friend to turn on you in an instant and betray you, it will cause your name to be damaged, and it will cause your character to come under attack. This is the same Spirit that Cain had towards his own brother Abel, which is the first recorded occurrence of this in the Bible in Genesis chapter four.

As the Lord began to cause elevation in the spirit realm and in business, there were many days that I would reach out to my husband with tears in my eyes saying, “Why? Oh, why would so and so do that? What was the purpose? Did I cause them harm?”

Also don’t MISUNDERSTAND another person’s actions as Jealousy IF you are a withdrawn person. For example, there is something in you that repels others and therefore this begins to push people away. You may think others are jealousy of you because they may not want to be bothered with you. Don’t misunderstand this as jealously because you may be pushing others away based upon things in your heart that need to be healed and delivered.  

Examples of “How this Spirit can gain ground”:

Example 1

You may have had a position at your job from which you were demoted. Let us say it was a supervisory or managerial position. However, for no apparent reason that you knew, they demoted you while they elevated another individual to carry out the same assignments and duties to which you were once assigned. Naturally this could open up the door to a spirit of Jealousy and cause you not to care too much about this individual.

Example 2

I am sure that all will admit that at times, they have felt this rise up, and yes, it happens to the best of us. I personally discovered this rising up during a time when I felt as though my personal rights and that which was rightfully mine was snatched, taken and stolen from me. This can lead to an open door as well by which this spirit can gain ground to operate.

Example 3

Another example would be someone who is ministering under the anointing, and the power of God is being released through this individual. If one is dealing with a jealous spirit instead of embracing what the Lord is doing, and absorbing the release that is taking place, the jealous person may wonder, “What’s so unique about this person? What’s so special about this person? God why did you allow this person to operate and flow in manifestations such as these?”

This happens many times in ministry as well.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks! We may not realize we are operating in this spirit but if we watch closely and listen to our words we can detect if this is upon us.

Statements such as this serve as an example…

“They did not have to struggle as much as I did; they have a perfect life. Everything comes good to her/him.” I’ve heard many women say, “Girl I am so jealous!” I’d say... “Don’t confess that mess”! The bible declares …. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

*Ways to tell if you are allowing yourself to be used by a Jealous Spirit:

1. You put up a Guard when we are near that person.

2. When we are not walking in our purpose or calling and we see others who are then we may find ourselves in a jealous place.

3. When we see others living their dreams and we are not, it causes us to feel anger.

4. I am preoccupied with the things of that person.

5. You pre-judge the motives of that person.

6. We find ourselves gossiping about that person.

7. We may have a hidden desire to see adversity come into their life.

When we operate out of this spirit, knowingly or unknowingly, what we are telling God is, “The blessings that you have given to me are not enough!”

When you think that you are better qualified, more suited for a job or position, a better singer, more anointed, and for some reason someone else steps into it, and you find yourself upset, check your motives!
Ways to Overcome Jealousy:

The Bible teaches in Proverbs 28:13:

(Prov 28:13 KJV) He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

2. Be Satisfied With What You Have
You do not need any more than God has supplied for you at this moment in time. Where we get into trouble is when we think we need something, when in essence we only want something! To think we need more than God supplies is to indict God that He is unable to supply our needs. To further strengthen that indictment, Satan gives us credit cards to fulfill our desires while withholding the fact that credit cards can ruin us financially. The proper use of credit cards are not sin, the abuse of them are.

3. God Allows You To Be Strong In One Area But Lacking In Another.
God will allow us to want in some areas for the purpose of keeping us faithful to Him. If He gave us everything we wanted, how many of us would live to be seventy years old? (He who has ears to hear….) God wants us to fellowship with Him and come to Him with both praise and needs. The Lord Jesus Christ stressed prayer as a vital part of the disciple’s prayer. If all things were supplied, how much would you pray and how faithful to God would you be with many things. What about Moses in the wilderness; all things they needed were supplied, but at the time of need, it was their greed and desires that got them into trouble. Read Psalm 106:13-18!

4. Contentment Is Learning To Trust God In Your Present Situation!

Contentment is learning to trust God completely. It is easy to thank God when He has abundantly blessed us but to thank God for areas of need is another story. When Joseph was placed in prison, he learned to trust God through his ordeal and the outcome was promotion to Governor of Egypt. God was preparing him for a certain task. When we are in a need situation, God is also preparing us for something, and to realize that God is engineering our circumstances for a certain outcome will bring great contentment to us if we continue to bask in His loving care.

The was an excerpt from the "Fasting For Breakthrough". 

Chapter 8 
Hinderances that Block the Breakthrough 

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God Bless,
Lenika Scott 


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    Thank you for this read. I am struggling with my feelings about a woman my brother married. I find my self inwardly disturbed a bit by her and I can't put my feeling on it. I have wondered if I am jealous. Or if I'm having some discernment about her character or something. I am really bothered and would like to know what this means. How do I get clarity on this? I