Smoothie Recipes

Strawberry-Peach Smoothie
1 Cup Whole Strawberries
2 Peaches
½-1 Cup Water and Ice Cubes

(Optional To make a green based Smoothie)
Add 2 Cups fresh baby spinach 

Pineapple-Banana Smoothie
1 Large Banana cut into chucks
1 Cup Pineapple Juice
1 Cup of Fresh Pineapple
Ice Cubes

Berry Berry Smoothie
1 Cup of Strawberries
1 Cup of Blueberries
1 Cup of Raspberries
1/2 Cup of Water
Ice Cubes

Green Smoothie
1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple
1 small to medium banana (ripe and peeled)                                                                                   
1 inch piece of ginger
2 handfuls of spinach
1 cup water or coconut water (unpasteurized)

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