Sunday, February 23, 2014

Christians Let's Finish what we start !!!

Did you know when you FINISH things, it sets you up for the blessings of God to overtake you!

Ever wondered why many believers (many) times are not able to reap the harvest that they set out to reap. Have you ever wondered why many believers have been able to tap into the Supernatural Manifestation that awaits them.

I'm sure if we look and search deep within we would honestly say that many of us haven't because at some point and time we stopped along the way.

Lets us try to make a better commitment (as unto the Lord) that whatever he tells or instruct us to do we will see it through.


Imagine what potential awaits you on the other side of “YOUR FINISH”.

Finishing shouldn’t only be a fasting principle that we apply, yet a principal we apply to every aspect of our life to which we put our hands. Many Mom’s say this to their children and I certainly have said this many times in the Scott Household, “Start what you finish!

As mentioned earlier in the book, we can look at the life of Jesus Christ and how he was indeed a finisher.

His entire assignment was predicated upon his completion as the cross. Imagine where we would be had he not finished.

I believe in many cases we miss out on blessings because we have not completed nor have we finished the task the Lord has instructed us to complete. There can be things left undone or incomplete from another season, and we are trying to move on or operate on a higher level when we have not completed things of old. This also can happen with things in the spirit realm.  Often times we are trying to enter into a higher level in the spirit that we are not authorized to go because we haven’t been able to complete or finish other assignments on our current level.

This can come from not finishing the things that God has instructed us to complete.

The word of God says…. Faithful over the few God will make you ruler over much. The fast you don’t finish could be the fast that will bring healing, deliverance, provision, protection, salvation to others and so on.

You will not be able to testify about something you haven’t experienced IF you stop. You see, finishing is so important, and without finishing a thing, things are left undone and this can be hazardous and even dangerous to others. Imagine how things would be if God stopped while he was in the midst of creation.

God is a God who finish what he starts! I mentioned this in the book, but in other words, imagine if Daniel would have stopped his fast on day 19, the revelation would have not been released. This clearly shows us that there are times when things are not released (Until) we complete the task at hand.

Think about things in your life that God told you to do but you didn’t complete them, finish it or you gave up. I am not trying to cause you to feel bad, but we have to understand God desires us to operate in the same order that he does, and if he is a God that completes what he set out to do how much more should we…. Being children of God we are joint heirs… We are created in his image. Things are not birthed when we don’t complete what God has given us! Imagine all of the homes that have been built, the cars that have been made. Now think about this.  What if the builder stops mid-way? Read Luke 14- 28-30

Allow me to be transparent!

Oh how our Heavenly Father got on me! This was a few months before this book was finally completed. I had started writing and it was such a struggle to get it completed. I was standing in my kitchen and he spoke in my spirit soooo STRONG, he said “Lenika, this is an END TIME BOOK”. I knew I had to start prioritizing and get this book completed as soon as possible. Had I not finished, you would not be reading….
Watch This Video! It will Bless You!!!

Many Blessings,
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Lenika Scott

Author of
Fasting for Breakthrough


  1. Hello, I am on my 21 days semi - fast (only start to eat my meal after 6pm each day) and have just two more days to go and I passed by your blog and see all these good resources. Thank you for all these great resources and may God bless this blog and encourage more people to purchase on your book. I particularly enjoy all your breakthrough Bible verses and the testimony on angel for I have heard many of their work and the testimonies about angels helping Christians as well. I think this blog is going to be a blessing to many , so may God bless you and keep using you in a mighty way. I also have blog on prayer but still need to fix it up a little bit : and feel free to drop by for a visit if you will.

  2. Thank you for this awesome word.
    Cheryl Willims
    Gainesville Fl