Monday, November 4, 2013

Fasting For Breakthrough Downloadable SALE!!!


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Good Morning!!!
How are you doing today? I've been away for a while because I have been diligently working on the completion of my 1st Book...

Fasting For Breakthrough!
How a 21 Day Fast Can Change Your Life!

As I sit here in my office, I am so overjoyed right now! I'm sure you know the feeling you get when you have completed something. Yes that feeling!!!
YES!!! It is FINALLY Completed and I am reaching out to you for help and support.
Books are ordered and will be in the mail in a few days!!!
Here is what I'd love you to do. TODAY I am having a "Book Downloadable SALE"!!!
YES!!! You can purchase the book and I will send you a downloadable copy so that you can start reading it TODAY!!!

Click on Download Page!

This is a 259 Page Book packed with some Powerful Biblical Words that will bring CHANGE to your life. So if you are in need of a "Breakthrough" look no further, I know this book will be a Blessing.

Hear what Lauretta Pierce had to say as she did the Foreward to the Book. By the way, she is a Successful Millionaire and Entrepreneur has an AMAZING story regarding God bringing great breakthrough and success in her life after years of painful and hard struggled.

After you place your order... google Lauretta! She has been featured on TBN and the 700 Club and many local news stations in her area.
    Lenika Scott, is an extraordinarily author that has been known to push you to excel beyond your personal limits. Those limits can only be found in the presence of God. This book helps you to get there through fasting. Excellent and very thought provoking. I recommend this book to those who are on that roller-coaster ride to carrying out their Spiritual purpose and have tried to fast only to get off the roller-coaster because of discouragement. Several chapters are particularly detailed for our single sisters and women in waiting. This book magnifies those things and or people we allow to hinder our journey and re-directs our path right back to the Father. It stresses the importance of staying focused, staying spiritually connected to our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ, and the blessings of a 21 day journey, coming from a woman that has surpassed onto the 22nd day and now living in today's favor. Read it and pass it on to bless another person's life. You will not want to put it down!
Lauretta Marie Pierce
CEO/Founder Covenant Cookies Inc
Click on Download Page!
That's not it. IF you place your order TODAY, I will also send you a FREE Copy of my
21 Day Guide To Daniel Fasting E-Book!!!
This Guide is packed with a complete list of foods and healthy recipes that will HELP you with each day of Fasting!
Grab your FREE Copy Today by ordering the Downloadable Version!!!
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Thanks so much!
God Bless~
Lenika Scott
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  1. Hi Lenika. Im reading about your book Fasting for breakthrough. I want to buy it. The problem is that i dont have a credit card. I use a debit card. But I want to buy the book because I am ob my 1st day of fasting. Ve set 5 days for myself because I want to breakthrough the chains that are holding me from progress in life. Please it there us a way in which I can pay for the book please direct me
    Primrose Bonzo