Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautiful Angelic Testimony

Angelic Testimony from a friend

Testimony by LaTroya

(Written Testimony from her)

Fasting has truly been an awesome experience for me. I have participated in various fasts, but I would like to share the one that stands out in my spirit. For a few months, I could feel that there was a time of fasting set for me. I knew that it would be a brief fast, but as we sometimes do, I waited for confirmation and direction for the fast. So many things seemed important at the moment, so I truly did not know what focus my fast would have. After speaking to one of my dear sisters in the Lord, she confirmed the fast. She spoke of three days, which was right in line with the brief fast I felt in my spirit. As I embarked upon the fast the first day, I awoke at exactly 3:33am the next morning! It was confirmation! I was on the right path. The following night I had an awesome experience. Many times, God speaks to me in night visions and dreams. This night seemed to be going in the same direction, but very differently. I could actually hear angels speaking over me in my sleep - two angels to be exact! They were speaking about me, and I could hear them! They spoke of the authority God had given to me. They spoke of a divine authority and spoke that my mind would line up with what God has spoken concerning me. Then I could feel one of the angels lay a white feathery cloth on my face! I immediately woke up! I know that God allowed me to tap into a realm of glory I had not been in before. I also believe that God desired to use these angelic beings to get a message through to me! Just as Daniel was given a message from God by an angel, so had I. I praise God that this fast was a door ordained for me. It truly opened the doors of the supernatural power of God in my life, and I received manna from on high that has confirmed and changed my perspective FOREVER. I believe God-ordained fasting can truly unlock divine mysteries for us. As in Daniel's day, angels are among us.

Many Blessings,

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