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Fasting Testimony

I have experienced MANY testimonies and blessings because of fasting and prayer. From a second mortgage of $35,000 being totally cancelled to my daughter Jayla legs being healed, trucks and vehicles being paid off to the salvation and deliverance of love ones!
You have read how God released blessings over my life because of fasting and praying so I turned to a few people that are near and dear to my heart to share some of their experiences as well.

No matter how small or profound the miracle and blessing is, this portion of the book will release your faith that you may believe God for your Breakthrough! 

Fasting allows us to experience Major Breakthroughs and Testimonies!

This testimony I will share comes from a dear friend of mine name Melissa.

Another Testimony from my friend [Spirit of Jezebel Destroyed]
(Live Recorded Testimony from her)

Melissa’s Testimony
It was a women’s group that God had laid on my heart, and it was four months away that we were going to have the women’s conference. There had been some people connected to it that had just kind of come in by third party invitation or their own invitation. In the midst of it, there started to be a lot of strife and division and just roadblocks coming up. In prayer the Lord showed me there was some Jezebel spirits operating. There were four in particular, and they needed to be removed. He showed me to do a twenty-one-day Daniel fast. I started the fast and in twenty-two days, the day after the fast ended, was when we were going to have our next meeting together to do some planning. Immediately after starting the fast which was (2-3 days), that I had one of the ladies call and drop off the team. I continued the fast, and every week thereafter, one of the four ladies dropped off the team. Before we even had our meeting, the day before my fast was over, two days before the meeting all four of the people that God revealed to me that were causing the strife and the division dealing with the Jezebel spirit against us had all left the team.

It was amazing after that. The next team meeting was incredible and the conference itself when it happened was amazing. I totally give Him credit for the direction and the guidance on it and taking care of what needed to be removed.

Melissa's Husband’s Salvation

I have seen some of the biggest breakthroughs in my life because of fasting. One of the first fasts I had ever done was a seven-day fast the week of Passover, and He stressed to me that leaven, just a little bit, will spoil the whole batch. I fasted anything that had to do with leaven and for me that was huge because I’m a big bread eater. He also stressed what I watched and what went in my ear gates. I was not to watch anything on TV or listen to anything that did not edify the Lord. At that time, I watched a lot of TV just as a family, and I didn’t realize how much I was feeding myself that wasn’t very good. During those seven days was probably one of the biggest breakthroughs. He had actually told me, “Name what you want.” I didn’t understand at first, but when I did that fast, my ministry was something that I really wanted to take off and my marriage (my husband wasn’t a believer at the time) was on very shaky ground and our finances were in absolute turmoil. During the fast, I did sow a seed, and I believed the fast and the seed I sowed for this ministry, for my husband’s salvation and for our marriage and our finances. Within three months, my husband had given his life to the Lord, our finances were increased tremendously (there was a huge raise given), and my ministry took off unbelievably.

Many Blessings,

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