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The Hebrew defines Fasting as "To Cover The Mouth".

The Greek defines Fasting as "To Abstain from food".

Spiritual Fasting in the bible represented you setting a side a set time where you would abstain from all food, all liquids or refrain from eating certain foods and drinking certain liquids. As we look at the examples in the Word of God, it was always done with a "Purpose" and intent in mind and also done with an expected end.

Fasting has MAJOR Health benefits, and has been proven to alter the lives of many who consistently partake in it. However, the focus of this site will not highlight Fasting Diets or Fasting for the purpose of Weight Loss.
This page will deal with the Spiritual aspects of Fasting as it is found in the Word Of God. 

Benefits of Spiritual Fasting
  • Healing
  • Deliverance
  • Revelation
  • Clarity
  • Insight
  • Direction
  • Favor
  • Financial Release
  • Refreshing
  • Restoration
  • Fresh Anointing
  • Protection
  • Breakthrough

Spiritual Fasting is closely connected with Prayer and studying the word of God. As you study different Scriptures in the bible, you will find Prayer and Fasting goes hand in hand with one another.

While you are on your Fast, set aside a time for Prayer and reading God's Word. Also there are a few things to consider.

  • Identify what you desire to get out of the fast.

  • Be very Specific in prayer with what you what.

  • Don't give in or cave in to temptation. If you set out to Fast for 21 days, don't stop Fasting on day 20.

  • Lastly, enjoy your time with the Lord. Fasting brings about such a refreshing and renewal unlike anything I've ever experienced. Write down what the Holy Spirit is speaking while also journaling any experiences you may have during this time.

Again..... defines Fasting As.....

1. to abstain from all food.

2. to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, esp. as a religious observance.

Biblical (Spiritual) Fasting
Is to abstain from food, drink, sleep or sex to focus on a period of spiritual growth. Mainly, we humbly deny something of the flesh to glorify God, enhance our spirit, and go deeper in our prayer life.
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  1. Please pray for me to fast that I will not have any fear in me what so ever.I want what god has for me and I know he has great things in the makeing for me and my family.I have a heart desire to have more and more of god he is my great king I live for him he is my life thank you pray that as I listen to god that I will be that proverbs 31 women yes that's me god has made me a women of wisdom thank you jesus.pray that I will know the right time to fast this is my heart desire thank you so much for your awesome testimony it blessed me mighty.

  2. Sure Jennifer What is your email address?

    Lenika Scott

  3. Hullo, how do I get to know that the holy spirit is talking to me during my fast??

    1. Many times there is just an inner knowing... Pray and ask God for confirmation and he will lead you accordingly. God Bless Andrew